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For we are strong and bold

When the smoke cleared and the guns got quiet, I stuck up my head and I cried there was blood everywhere and I was surrounded by the dead
I heard moaning and crying by those who like me were still alive they cried for hours asking for help over here over there everywhere they were crying for help they just wanted to survive
I began helping those who could not move on their own in their eyes I saw they knew the truth that they would soon will be covered in dirt and stone
When you’re lying on the ground in your own blood life goes real slow and there's no help anywhere around you have no place to go
You can't move or feel anything but the pain you pray that help will be there today and you hope that they have a little bit of morphine to take the pain away
3 months ago, I was hit in the leg it looked bad and in the end I thought I was going to get a peg
2 long days it took to travel to the rear my leg looked bad I didn't think they could save it that was my worst fear
I was finally laid on the table and two doctors shook their head and said if I wanted to live the leg had to go to keep alive not dead
Then a young doctor came in and looked at the charts he smiled at me then said you guys at weenies you must be smoking pot 15 minutes later I was all stitched up and they tucked me into this nice comfy cot
As soon as I was healed, I was sent right back to the front lines I went
You couldn’t get lost you just had to follow the smell be alert so you don’t step on the mind then there'll be nothing else to tell
For two days I helped the wounded and carried away the dead then without any warning the guns begin talking and bullets began flying over my head 
We were fighting hand-to-hand because we ran out of ammo and they sent every man 
I was in the middle of it all deep in the blood and guts down in trenches then out of nowhere I started to hear go team from our fans on the benches
I must have been crazy I thought but I began to yell let's take these goddamn fuckers straight to hell 
We screamed and pushed them back our lines stopped their attack
I never seen anything like what happen that day odds were against us we should have been dead that was the price each of us had to pay
 We were out number three to one but as soon as I started yelling take them to hell the enemy just like that  all began to run
We were tired dirty and hungry we had no supplies but we were soldiers we went where we were told and even ate food that was covered in flies
 the ones that could walk grabbed a gun and began to chase them down
We gave them no time to rest for two days we marched without sound
When we finally caught them, they gave up without a fight most of them haven't eaten in weeks they were nothing but skin and bone not a pretty sight 
The war was over here but a soldier goes where he’s told we packed up all the gear made sure it was clean we take care of it like it was gold
We are soldiers we go over there and over here we fight to the last man  we show no fear
 We march all day and all night no matter what the odds we are never afraid to fight
We are soldiers we go where we are told we fight to the last man and show no fear for we strong and bold


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