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When I can't find you in my real life, 
I lose you in my sweet dreams. 
 When I can't hear your voice,
 I can, at least, read the messages - 
You sent to me a long time ago. 

 Maybe you only hear me through my poems,
 Through songs that I also listen to. 
 I hold the pillow in my arms as I did with you, Thousands of times every day. 

 When I do not receive any news from you, 
I remember your old words.
 When I miss you,
My heart shows me an old picture of us.

When I can't find you in my life, 
I build you from fairy tales.
When you're nowhere, 
I miss you the most, my darling.


  • Oct 11, 2020

  • Oct 11, 2020

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