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an angel has gotten his wings

I used to get mad at everything and everyone people stayed away from me they didn't like how angry I got I was no fun
Then a good friend of mine told me I looked like a fool nobody wanted me around and I always sat by myself at school
He said if I don't change my ways and learn to love today someone's going to shoot me in the back of my head to make me pay
So I'm alive today because I listen to what my friend had to say 
I’m giddy like a clam out of water you see I'm always on the go and busy like a bumblebee
I smile here and I smile there I laugh everywhere 
you'll never see a frown on this my face no you won't never again will I get mad and throw a fit that’s such a disgrace
Everywhere I go no matter where it is I always have a smile I have one for you and one for you no matter if I have to walk a country mile
I will never again get angry and then scream and yell I will never again say go to that naughty place they call hell
What good does it do to call people names make them hurt inside that gives them all kinds of pain and you begin to break everything like doors locks and windows and then you hit things with that big rusty chain
Then when you’re done having your fit you will get hogtied and thrown into jail and that's where you will sit
You see a judge and you pay the fine and do your time, you're worse off than you were before take my advice get a brand new lock throw that temper in the closet then you lock the door
 Take that key and throw it away because your temper is never again coming out to play
I never was able to go outside and play in the sun and that made me sad which wasn’t any fun
My friend told me to cheer up and on my face i need to put a smile don't be ashamed show that grin to everybody once in awhile 
You will see it won't take that long to melt the ice that surrounds your heart just be nice
He nailed it right on the spot boy was he right and now I have a smile on my face every day and night
Then I  turned around one day and he was gone but I did hear a bell ring
Then out of nowhere I heard someone begin to sing whenever you hear a bell ring an angel has gotten his wings
Ever since that day I have to say the wicked me is dead the old me is no longer here I took off his head
Now I am a happy sort of man I smile all day wherever my feet may stand
I stopped getting hit in the head and I stopped looking like I was dead
I changed my ways and now I love everything there is to do about my life I went back to school and I graduated then I got myself a new job finally I found a pretty thing that I call my wife
Been married wow it's been 40 years now 
So please remember that when you hear a bell ring say thanks because an angel has gotten his wings 


  • great work

    Oct 10, 2020

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