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I lost the steps that led me to you, 
I lost the heartbeat you dedicated to me.
 I also lost the hand that touched my face,
 I lost everything I had from you. 

 I want to find you again, 
But the doors are closed.
It's not the first time I've lost, 
But it's the first time it hurts so much.  

My heart is a coffee that has cooled, 
My skin is a flower that has dried.
I want to find my breath which has been resting
 For some time under your feet.

  I lost the secrets I had hidden deep in my heart,
 I lost all the tears from my eyes, 
I lost you and that is enough for me 
Not to be the same like I was before. 

 Like a brother who loses his brother,
 Like a mother who loses her child,
 Like a wife who loses her husband, 
Darling, it is an endless pain...for me.


  • Oct 10, 2020

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