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Like a pair of eagles in the sky

There's nothing to be sorry for it's my fault that I walked out the door
You tried your best my mind was way too young to pass that test
For 45 years I was in prisoned in my head and by all right I should have been dead
I have no regrets there is no reason to cry I still believe that one day we will once again fly
To be able to walk hand in hand down the street on a nice sunny day without any fear of what anyone we meet would say
Free just you and I to go wherever direction the wind decides to blow
To laugh to cry to love to grow old with each other just like the spirits have told 
No there is nothing to be sorry for it was my fault I walked out that door 
I will always be here if you need me  anything just ask if I have it yours  just send a text or call for you are the only one that can still take my breath away after all 
I don’t listen to what anyone says anymore I have been led astray and then abandon with no way back and no key to unlock the door
I was told deceitful lies that I should have never believed but I listen to lust and I was deceived 
No there is nothing to be sorry for it was my fault I walked out that door 
We don’t have to be side by side to feel the love that was given to us as a gift by spirits above
 I hear your heart beating with in me every day no matter what ever happens next that can never be taken away 
They tried once to rip it of my  heart it hurt so bad it was off the chart
When the pain subsided and I was able to get up off the ground  it took a few minutes  I was scared I didn’t hear a sound
But then I heard it felt it way deep down in my chest it was faint but there you were still next to mind and will be till I’m laid to rest
No there is nothing to be sorry for it was my fault I walked out that door 
So if things don’t work out don’t be sad don’t you cry I have something they can’t take away and it will be with me until I die
Inside of me I have part of your soul  it gives me comfort knowing your with me wherever I go
So remember when your sad and want to cry just listen to your heart I will be waiting for you so we can once again soar free like a pair of eagles in the sky 


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