Love Me Like You Do Read Count : 18

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Erotic
She stands before him slowly unravelling her lace ribbon, allowing it to fall freely to the floor. Her coat opens slightly, revealing her beautiful naked body. Her vagina was trimmed to perfection, revealing plump lips, while her breasts are perky and tasteful with her nipples standing erect, ready to be taken. Her hair, the colour of falling autumn leaves, rich, wild and glowing. 

He grabs a fistful of her hair while  his fingers roam on her delicate skin, which feels softer than a winter's first snowflake falling on his tongue. His hands lightly grazing her shoulder, he slides her coat from her body. 

Her eyes following his every move, watching him kneel in front of her, slowly kissing her inner thighs. Her legs quiver as his lips pucker against her thigh. Her soul spread wide. Loving her moans as she embraces the pain derived from pleasure, he intently watch her as she becomes engulfed by the pleasure that is coursing through her body; feeling gentle tremors running through her veins. Her clitoris pulsating as he places his tongue to penetrate her carnal canal, tasting her succulent flower. Her vulva throbbing between his lips, with the flavour of a plump strawberry  freshly picked on a sunny spring morning. When he digs his teeth into her flesh; her body is on fire, burning like the sun's blazing rays on a cloudless summer's day.

He is engulfed in her flames, warming him, burning him, setting his heart on fire. He flips her onto her back. Her head almost touching the headboard, a pillow beneath her derriere, her legs spread wide open, displaying the beauty of her body for him to worship. 

He lays prone between her legs, his head between her thighs, his mouth kissing, gently caressing the inside of her thighs; licking in between kisses, moving slowly towards her treasure; with feather like kisses. His tongue tasting her, savouring her nectar, slowly and gently licking that valley between her lips, whilst relishing the increased flow before pushing his tongue deeper into that fold, building to a faster pace, enjoying the movement of her hips writhing, as she wriggles and squirms beneath him. Sliding a finger inside, curling and stroking it against her wetness, her hands pressed firmly against his head as his tongue flickers and flaps her pulsating bud. As her moans grow louder, the grasp of her hands on his head grow tighter and she cries out, releasing her hot thick lava all over his awaiting mouth for him to savour.

She sighs quietly, letting him know how he makes her feel when his mouth slides across her skin. Whispering what he means to her when his fingers enter and stretch her. Letting her groans convey why she can't live without him as his tongue abuses her flower. Moaning who she belongs to when he pins her down, forcing her legs apart, screaming that she is his one and only, before he slips his cusp slowly between her moist lips, penetrating her flower. 

Picking up speed, while wrapping his hand in her hair, he thrusts deeper, intent on fully demolishing her lasting barriers. He continues to plunge deeply into her velvet interior; with a hunger that can only be contained by feasting on her soul. He reaches for her, pulling her body to him, his hands cupping her breasts and fingers caressing her nipples. Arching her back, the sound of desire escapes from her mouth as his lips find her neck and he eases into a slow, steady rhythm.  

She drops her hand, grasping his hardness, guiding it to her derriere. He feels his member wedge in against her cheeks as she leans back slowly, taking him in, slowly impaling herself on top of him, moaning loudly as her cries echo throughout the house. Sitting up, he grabs one of her breasts, places it in his mouth, his teeth tugs on her nipple every time she comes back for more; leaving her gushing and gaping, whilst chanting his name in between shallow breaths, leaving her trembling and quivering all over him from dusk till dawn, nourishing her flesh with his, as the scent of him holds her throughout the night while their eyes finally rest.


  • Oct 10, 2020

  • Oct 10, 2020

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