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You were the only one 
For whom I cried at night,
 You were the only one for whom 
I got drunk for the first time.
Because I had in my thoughts
 The memories with you - 
That haunted my nights
 And left me feeling blue. 

 You were the only one
 For whom I tried to get better,
 You were the only one
 For whom at least, I've tried.  

You were the only one I really loved, 
Even if no one will know, you didn't care.
And I know if I would interrogate my heart now,
 The answer would be... 
"Yes, I kept the love even through my desires."  

I closed my soul after you,
 I cry even now in silence, 
You were the first for whom I felt love
 And you will remain the last.
  I swear to you.


  • Amazing. :)

    Oct 10, 2020

  • Oct 10, 2020

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