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Our toxic relationship
Was like an earthquake in my heart.
It drained me of strength,
It left me without the last drop of love-
Even for myself. 

You wanted to destroy me,
You made me a slave to my tears.
And now that I'm away,
You want to come back
When I find no reason to receive you.

I didn't think I was capable
Of loving someone so much,
To neglect my life
And took care of your messy life.

But I realized that I was losing
My soul among your lies,
And I can no longer see
The smile through my eyes.

From lovers we became enemies,
Starting to lose confidence
That something would change for the better,
Or building a future together.

  I want someone to love you
As much as I loved you, darling,
And I would like to be loved the same.
And if you ever wonder where I am,
Look for me, darling, among your losing dreams.


  • Oct 10, 2020

  • Holy balls. That's a tear jerker. :(

    Oct 10, 2020

  • Awesome

    Oct 10, 2020

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