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Let the every drop of my blood touch the holy Rudraksh and fill the air with the enchantments of 'Om Namah Shivaay'

Let my soul leave it's possession to carry away all your pains,
Let my heartbeat be resonated a million times to shake your trident Bholenath,
Let my breath tell you that if anything bad happens then you won't be safe.

I swear the every part of my soul will rebel,
I swear the holy ice will melt,
I swear the blood will boil,
I swear You will see my fury,
I swear my third eye will be opened,
I swear there will be Rudra Tandav.

When Gods and Demons were churning the ocean for nectar, your neck took all the poison emanating, please O Neelkanth let me drink the every drop of poison from her life.

Lord Shiva don't break my and yours oath to protect her.
I swear your ears will hear my cries
But they won't be the same, they will be full of anger and danger.
Now your veins will carry my boiling blood and the Holy Lake won't soothen your pain Lord.
You have the potential to turn a flame into devastating fire
My love for her has a potential to turn your fire into ashes.

I know you will be just grinning over my rage,
I hope your grin doesn't fade.
I have faith in you that you will never harm her.

The universe bows to Lord Shiva,
Let me not break this sentence...


  • Oct 10, 2020

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