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Wherever I May Go

I should have been a chiropractor for all the twist and turns all the ups and downs and all the flips and the flops that this body did and never did learn
Then you hit that road block and if you don’t turn you be dead you wake all fuzzy like and you can’t remember nothing but you notice you are in a hospital bed
These are the times that in life that you just say thanks for being alive because it could have been worse you could have not survived
The doctors came in and shook their head they looked at me and said I should have be dead
The truck was completely burned no markings of any kind nothing to learn
I had no idea who I was and there's no record of me of any kind so where do you go you get all healed up the hospital gives you a name of John Doe
You walk out the door free and clear you have to start your life over again your eyes begin to tear
Now I can remember how to add how to talk how to write how to eat how to drive and how to walk
But I can't remember my name for the life of me I try every day since I woke up, I just feel so ashamed
You have no one that could help you have no money you have no place to stay and you have no memory
You look at the new horizon as the sun brings a new day then you smile for the first time and you follow the road that way
You begin to shout as you started walking about
My name is John Doe and I have no dough but I take on all challenges wherever I may go


  • Oct 10, 2020

  • Oct 10, 2020

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