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If I break threw a wall, I can achieve success even though the difficulties and obstacles that is layed before me.

I know I will continue to try to fight like a lion to protect my self from harm.

Even through the fierce feelings or actions I have are very intense or enthusiastic at times. I Still need to keep myself  involved with my great activities, day to day.

If something happens by a twist of fate, it must happen by chance by my higher power, and it could become strange, or very interesting, or is unfortunate in some way of my life, I must be able to keep trusting in my higher power. When I am ment to understand my higher powers intentions, then it will be understandable at right moment in time for me to understand the motive behind my higher power will.
Who am I to question my higher powers will?

If I feel I need to take a leap of faith, I will do something even though i'm not sure, of it being right or if I will even succeed. But I need to remind myself it was worth the try, no matter what the outcome is. 
Stay Positive is the key. 

I must take a leap of faith and trust in my higher power. If one way leads to a dead end. Make a u-turn, and go back try different road. Eventually right path or road will be revealed to seek the reward.
Blessings come in different form's an some blessings are in disguise.

When life raises the devil, raises the hell that comes my way in life. I must defeat it. I will raise a rumpus to stand in my beliefs and faith and my hope..if need be. I will raise the roof off my emotions when it is needed in the circumstances or situations.
I will not deny myself to be me. I will not become the dummy doll I once was. 

Each day I will resolve more emphatically to make no rumpus when it is not needed too, I will go on with my day. I will stand proud that I did not fall and wither away into insanity.

to create a disturbance; causes trouble.

If im in the dark about something, maybe it for the best. I do not need to know I can choose not know anything about it. Is my right stay away from evil itself. I will not jump the gun to the subjects. Over reacting only leads to self distruction.

jumping the ...self sabotage..for me..
But not jumping  the gun...think and analyze best for me.


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