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Once there was a man with 2 kids.. he tells his kids not to go to the woods OVER AND OVER but one night he was scared. He heard things like help me... again he heard Your kids are not asleep....

                  . . . .  .         . . . .

He whent to the door down  stairs he gasped and said" OH MY GOD..." He was some where no one knewed.. his kida went to the forest and then they saw a tall thing with blood driping out of his/her mouth and then.. they ran as fast as they could and they say it could be scp000 but some think its scp009.. Scp000 started to screem so they found a minshaft they build  a house the next morning  they where at a place called the deeps and then he gasped and said to his sister "Do you see that..." she said "Yes.." it came closter and closter untell they can touch ai they where scared and they shivered and shivered They got out and they ran and then they didnt make it.....

              The end


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