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At night, the cold climbs the window, 
And my breath leaves cold marks on your chest. 

 A pain comes out of my body
 That I can only keep hidden,
 When I don't feel your hands 
Sitting indifferently over my shoulders.  

Night, the moment when you stop running,
 When we become two strangers 
Sharing an empty room, 
Through different desires.

  A ray of sunshine crosses 
The middle of the moon, 
The sky pours over the trees 
Like a sea drowning on the shore. 

 One night and so many contradictory feelings,
 While you're sleeping, I write...
From the edge of the bed that keeps us untied,
 You sleeping and me, like always, awake.


  • Oct 09, 2020

  • Oct 09, 2020

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