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SARS treats our life with triviality
Raising doubt to our nationality
In a split seconds, mothers are put into criticality
Making streets swim in blood, there normality.

Democracy we say! Yet no freedom
With their guns, our tomorrow's leaders are wiped out from kingdom
I asked aloud with my voice, where is there wisdom?

Government is for the people
Sad! Ours against us
With innocent lives, chess game they play
They appeared on our screen, to say i love Nigeria
But have no sympathy on the citizens
Don't forget too soon, no leader without followers.

Glorious child, now a terrorist
Living all day seeking for the blood of whom made him orphan
A wrong action could put nation in coarse
SARS! we are human, animals do have pity
The rod whom you destroys life with
Hanging up there for your due time.

Alas! The fire has been ignite
We can't stand SARS impolite
To us is a must win fight
We shall lend our strength out, and excavate SARS from our sight
Delight shall we be in the end.

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