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We all know that Jesus died for us,  to save us from our sins.  Yet we are still sinners.  
Instead of renewing ourselves and feel blessed yet we still commiting the same sins in our lives again and again. And what's more sad is that two third of the world's population are all christians yet the war keeps on going.  A lot of peace talks happen but where does the peace hiding?  It is nowhere to be found.  We believe in the same God yet we keeps on ranting and degrading other religions. We all knew the teachings of the Lord yet we are still on combat.  We should be the one who understands each other but look,  where we are in the world now? 
We are on a cliff hanging,  we are on a mountain climbing with no ends.  We are in great chaos.  We believe but  there are  lot of things that pesters us. We believe yet we ignore,  we believe yet we dont stay faithful,  we believe in the teachings of God yet we dont live on it.  We believe in God but we dont spare time to thank him.  We believe but we dont have faith. 


I dont know either.  
Because I,  myself are still a sinner.  I still commit sin and sometimes I refuse to ask for forgiveness about it.  

Are we just being hypocrite?  Or it is really a human nature? 
Nature to commit sins.  
We can choose right?  
We can choose what we should do. 
We are ethical and rationale being.  We can evaluate what is the right and wrong thing to do.

What the world needs is not hope nor acceptance but TO UNDERSTAND 

Coz when we understand the things in life then we will know what we could create in this world.  

Can you imagine? 
If we all understand each other,  each differences,  each diviance, each perceptions,  each decisicions and what does the purpose of being here on earth, we could create a better world,   a harmonious one,  where peace,  happiness, love, freedom, justice and faith can be distinguish.  Can be seen and can be feel.


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