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7:13 AM

Wide eyed, afraid to sleep.

I have sowed the seeds to my own demise. 

I have paced as much as I could around my room, drowned in my own thoughts that I have made worst, and somehow stayed awake for the night. 

Higher education is such a trap. 

So much work to be done that I thought I could do and then. . . 

I collapsed, self destructed like a black hole after destroying what was around me. 

I wasn't destroying anything around me only destroying myself.

Too much freedom had done this and I had done this. 

We had held hands for far too long and I was too blind to tell her I must go. 

I can still prevail, right? 

Can you provide me with the reassurance that I can succeed? 

Unless I can't. . . succeed. 

I will change my schedule to ease my suffering from this trap.

I have failed myself and have caused myself my own extreme stress.


  • Oct 06, 2020

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    Oct 06, 2020

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