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So what is the Antichrist.The Antichrist in the Bible is someone who is opposed to Christ he's related to moloch. The Burning God moloch is associated with the word Lord this may not be associated with some of this but it does have value so Jesus says you are of the most high you are of God the word Elohim in the Bible also means Elohims gods so I will connect this. we are all gods governed by one source and that is the collective consciousness the reason we are gods is because once we reach a certain alignment called the Christ Consciousness or the godhead you are of the same personality of God if you are enlightened to a Hi-Point what's it called godhood or Exedra you will also be part of him so I will also connect that whatever is created in the mind is already created the Antichrist  would he will be named Christ or Christopher he is set up in the name itself which means Christ Bearer the eye on the dollar bill will obviously be the Antichrist eye because the hexagram has six points six triangles and six lines that make up a hexagram if you were to draw an upside down triangle between the spaces between the line in the lower half of the pyramid you will get the Antichrist and this is how he will deceive people and even the elect if possible the whole goal of that Mark that is in his right eye is to gather all major religions and deceive everyone into believing he is God he will show great wonders and he will show signs this will be in the modern day or aka the modern era he will be born before the Millennia and that is the start of the end of the world he will be born in 1999 if you flip 1999 upside-down and cross out the one in 1999 you get 666 the Antichrist has been reincarnated as Caesar Nero hence building the Roman Empire back which is the great city of Babylon in the end-time prophecy which is America it says something in the Bible how about the stars on the whore of Babylon which is America and is the Statue of Liberty how he will do this is show people his eye and you will gain power from religious leaders that will follow him he will cause it up rival in the church of Christ he will have everyone and anyone great both big and small rich or poor to have in general Eddie Mark that represents 666 weather gets a chip a tattoo are your forehead or your right hand the reason is is because the Antichrist is born with an idle hand which does the work of the devil hence the hand path of Satan Jesus is the Antichrist because of the Bible it says before he died he had separation from God and took upon the sins of the world for everyone to be cleansed he denied himself in the father he said forgive them for they know not what they do the second coming of Christ is the second coming of the Antichrist which means since he denied the son of the father it took upon the stage of the world he for then has sinned in him in the Bible it says the devil will be like the most high I will also clear this up homosexuality in the Bible is actually allowed because in the Bible that gives a formula that says Thou shalt not have sex before marriage when Jesus says turn the other cheek he means his ass cheek in the Bible it says when Jesus says Thou shalt not have sex with another man or thou shall not lay as a woman is because he was he loved all men women both parts and hermaphrodites what this basically means is do not think of yourself as a woman because your DNA says mail which if you like masculinity you should be all in or all out same with believing in the Antichrist when Jesus says my beloved John he said that to his wife also


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