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To my sweet sexy baby chicken wife Nat 

Life is so much easier with you
Loving you is so smooth
Like stirring up a creamy chocolate
Living with you is like a sweet dream.

Life is getting better with you
Loving you is out of this world
Like stading on new found lands
Living with you is beautiful to see.

Life is like a dream come true
Loving you is all I need
Like a flower needs the sunshine
Living with you gets better everyday.

Life is a wonderful melody
Loving you feels heavenly
Like listening to an archangels song
Living with you is so peaceful.

Life is a measurement of time
Loving is blessed, sacred, and devotional
Like giving yourself to another
Living forever & together as one.

Life is really neverending
Loving has no ends
Like infinity Life & Loving is enternal
Living with you is my need.

Life is vibrant & bright
Loving can feel so right
Like in all we do
Living for you.

Life is to me
Loving you my baby
Like we are both 
Living the dream.

Lots of love from your husband Lee xxxxxx


  • Oct 06, 2020

  • a piece I wrote for Nat while in hospital, I should be back home tomorrow but still have to recover day by day, all the best to you all and thanks for reading. Lee 😊

    Oct 06, 2020

  • nice poem

    Oct 06, 2020

  • ☺️

    Oct 06, 2020

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