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It is said that we live freely in the country
But we still have our hands tied.

It is said that people do not judge us
By the way we dress,
But there will be some who will turn
Their heads after we cross the street.

It is said that it does not matter
The face but the soul,
But we reject those
Who have a few extra pounds,
Or those we consider ugly.

  It is said that we are strong,
But a virus manages to destroy the humanity,
And we have been divided into two categories:
Those who wear a mask and those who do not,
Those who believe in the virus and those who do not. 

We say we can do what we want to be happy,
But the things we hear about ourselves after,
Leave us unhappy for a long time.

They tell us we can talk about anything,
But they try to keep our mouths shut.
They tell us to report what is going wrong around us,
While they try to keep us in the house,
Making us once again blind.


  • Oct 05, 2020

  • very insightful thoughts, well done

    Oct 06, 2020

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