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Unfortunately, we laugh the most at jokes
About religion, sexuality, racism. 

We find it so interesting to laugh at things
We never know enough about them,
Because we don't want to read about.
We never understand them completely.
It's really sad to see that on TV.

Unfortunately we laugh a lot
About the other because we see
Ourselves above everyone else.

Some call it stand-up comedy,
But I would say it's just an attempt
To incite hatred in the form
Of "innocent" jokes.

If you really want to make a joke,
You could make a joke about yourself,
And read it until you no longer think
It's just a joke but a real thing.
Oh, dear!

It is easier to laugh at things
We never know anything about,
And to remain just as ignorant,
Because that's what society wants us to be,
Being much easier to be controlled.


  • Oct 05, 2020

  • Oct 05, 2020

  • strong critique on humour, but honest and frank its not fun to be made fun of, agreed point of view.

    Oct 06, 2020

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