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                                                          Chapter  1  :  
I  looked  out  the  window  of my friends  moms  van.   My friend Jay    driving  myself  riding  shotgun  and  his  brother  named  Casey  in the  back  seat  and our friends  Gemma , Sabrina , Brad , Parker , Phoenix  Alexis ,Tristan .  We were  on  a road  trip . I  thought  about  us as are zodiac  signs .  I'm Nova  and  I'm an Aquarius  and  Jay is an Aries  and  Casey's  a Cancer  and Gemma  is a  Gemini , Sabrina  is a  Sagittarius  and  Brad is a  Tarus  and  Parker  is  a  Scorpio  and Phoenix  is a Capricorn  and  Tristan she's a  Virgo , Alexis is a  Piscies .  An interesting  bunch right? We don't  always  get along.  But we'd be  prefect  if we did  right? We were on our first  road  trip  ever  summer  vacation  right? We're in  grade  10  and  11 . We're  15,16 and 17. Summer  and  we'll be on the  road  for  more  than  6 hours  altogether . We'd already  been  on the  road  for  2 hours. Casey's  got his ear buds in listening  to  his music , Brads eating  mr . Noodles  and  Alexis  and Gemma  are gossiping  and Sabrina   and  Phoenix  are sleeping  and Parker  he's taking  selfies .  I  sipped  my  coke  a  cola  slowly .  Then I saw a  traffic  jam  up a head .  Jay slowed.  We  sat for  about  5 minutes . 

" FUCK !  !  !  !  !  ”  Jay said .   “  What's  wrong ?  "  I asked .  "  Quit that  Gemma ! ”  Casey  said slapping  her. She slapped  Casey  back .  “  I  HAVE  TO  PISS  LIKE  NOW !  " Jay exclaimed .  “   Can  you  hold  it  for  a  few  minutes ? ”  I  asked , concerned .   “  I  don't  know  if  I  can  " .  “  I  have  an  idea .  "  I grabbed  my  bottle  of  coke  and  chugged  it. "Nova stop drinking  please ! !  " "Give me  a  second  to  finish  this, I  want  you  to  pee  in the  bottle  " .  “  Gross!" Alexis  said. “  Eww ,  don't  pee in  the  van  "  Gemma  said .  “  I'm not  pissing  in  the  bottle  " .  “  Why didn't  you  go  before  we  left ?  ”  Alexis asked. "  I  did  go  earlier , I've already  been  to  the  toilet  3 times  today  ".   Jay had his legs  crossed  on  the  break .  "Do you  want  to  trade places ? I can drive  if you  want  Jay ".  “  Yea okay  " . We  switched  places .  We sat in  traffic  for  half  an  hour .  Jay sat with  his  hands  between  his  legs  and  legs  crossed .  “  How  are you  doing , Jay ?".
“  Okay ,  I  still  don't  know  if  I  can  hold  it  in . " "  Your doing  great  Jay ". Gemma  began  kicking  the  back  of  Jays  seat. “  Gemma ,  fuck off , that makes  it  feel  worse ,  I  feel  like  I need  to  pee  worse." Jay began  smacking  his  head  off  the  dash .  We soon sat for  an hour .  For  Jay I assume  that  it's  been  an excruciating  hour.   Jay  was  still smacking  his  head  off  the  dash .  “  Do  you  mind ? I  have  a  headache .  "
"  Ya  know  how  annoying  that  is?"Alexis  asked .  "  Leave  Jay alone  " I  said .  "  Well  who put  you  in  charge Nova ? ” . 

“  Leave me  alone  " .   Oh my  fucking  gosh!".  “  Hope  we  get  out  of  this traffic  jam  soon" I  said .   Gemma  started  kicking the  back  of  Jays  seat  again .  "FUCK OFF ! Gemma ! I  already  told  you  that  kicking  my back only  makes  it  feel  worse ! ”  Jay  said. “  Gemma  quit it  now or I'll knock  your  lights  out!"  .  The girls  giggled in the  back  seat .  “  Jay ,the  traffics  moving , I have  my  eyes  open  I'm looking  for  a  sign  to  say  where  a  rest  stop  is  " .  “  Oh ,  no  " I  whispered .  But Jay heard me  and lifted  his  head  to  see  what I was talking  about .  “  Fuck !!!!!!!!!! 30  miles  from  the  closest  rest  stop? ! !?!!! FUCK !  ! !  !  !  !  !   This  can't  possibly  get  any worse ! !!!!" Jay exclaimed .  “  GEMMA ! ! I  ALREADY  TOLD  YOU  TO KNOCK  IT  THE  FUCK  OFF!" .  “  YOU THINK  ITS  FUNNY  DON'T  YOU?" "  YEA ! ITS  HILARIOUS ! " "  GIVE  ME  A BREAK ! ” .  “  Nova what'd  you  do with  that bottle ? ". “  Eww ,  don't  pee  in  the  van  it's my mom's  ". “  None of  us  want  you  to  pee  in  front  of  us .  "  What  if Jay peed outside ? ”  Tristan  asked .  “  No I'm not  taking  a fucking  piss  outside , there's nowhere  to  even go without being  seen I'm not  going  in the  bottle  either ".

Jay  continued  smacking  his  head  off  the  dash .  Jay sat up  with  his  knees  up  and  shaking  them .   "   Why  don't  we  play eye  spy ? ” . “  Okay ”  “  Eye spy  with  my  little  eye  something  that  is  green ". “  Is it the car in front  of  us ? "  Jay asked .  "  Yes ,  it's  the  car".  “  I  spy with  my  little  eye  something  that  begins  with  the  letter  h ". “  The halk ? ”  Tristan  asked .  "  Yea it is  ". 
Jay drifted  off to  sleep .  I  didn't  want  to  wake  him , what if  he had an accident ?  But Jay never  falls  asleep  anywhere but  in his  bed , so  he  must  have  needed  a nap . 

                                                JAY'S  PROSPECTIVE  :
I was down town in the park everyone  was drinking  tuns  of  water . I  really  really  needed  to  pee . I  walked  over  to where   the  bathroom is . There wasn't  a  bathroom ! !  I  walked  all over  the park and  there was no  bathroom  in sight .  I  decided  to  head  for  home .  Everyone  tried to  offer  me  water.  They were  all drinking  out of  extra  large  juice  pictures . So  I  declined  politely . I  was  incredibly  thirsty  though . I expected  3 pictures  of  water .  I  chugged  all three in a  matter  of  minutes .  I  really  really  really  really  gotta  go !  !  !  !  !  !  I'd have to  go  behind  a tree .  Right  when  I  thought  I  found  a  tree  with  enough  privacy , somebody  came  more  water for me  to  drink. I  couldn't  go  if someone  was  right beside  me .  I  was  handed  more  water .  I  rushed  over  to  a different  tree.  Finally ,  I  found  a  toilet ! I  hurried  before  anyone  came .  I  unzipped  my  jeans and began  peeing .  It just  kept  coming  and  coming .  Was I ever  gonna  stop  pissing ? I  was starting  to  feel  better .  I  sighed in  relief .  I  was  still  pissing .  I  closed  my  watery eyes  .  I reopened  my eyes .    " FUCK !!!!!!" .  I almost  peed . I  was  dreaming  about  using  the  toilet .  We pulled  out  of  a  gas station   parking . “  W-why  are we l-leaving ? I-i  didn't  go  yet"  I  studdard  . “  You  can't  use  the  bathroom  there  " Nova said .  “  They  have a  bathroom  only for  employees ,  and won't  make  any  exception  ". “  Did  they at least  tell  you  where there is  a  bathroom ,  one that  I  can  use ? ”  I asked .  "  No I got  told  that  I  was  wasting  the guys  time." . Tristan  tried  to  tell  me  jokes  to help . I  was  trying  not  to  laugh . “  Did  the  pelican  have  a  good  vacation ? ”  Tristan  asked .  "  I  don't  know  did the  pelican  have  a  good  vacation ? "  "  Nope  the  bill was too big ! ” .  I  couldn't  help  but  laugh  at  that  one  .   I  had  to  stop . I  couldn't  laugh I'd piss  if I did .  

                                                       Nova  : 
 I went  to  a gas station  while  Jay was asleep , the bathrooms for  employees  only  . I  noticed  Jay pull the  lap part of  the  seat belt  out  away from  him. I couldn't  help  but  notice  that  his bladder  was  incredibly  bloated .  He's so skinny , his  jean shorts looked really  tight .  There was  a  lump  where is bladder  would  be .  I  felt  really  bad  for  Jay. “  I'll see  if  you  can go  up here ".  I  got out and  hurried . “  Exuse  me , sir is   it possible  for  my friend  to use your  bathroom ,  please  it's an emergency  ".  “  No ,  now go  kid your bothering  me  ". “  Please ? your the  second  person  who's  turned  him down .  He only  wants  to  pee.  He's the one  in the  front  he's about  to  explode ". “  And  that's  my  concern  why?".   “  Thanks  anyways  sir".  “  Sorry , Jay he doesn't  care  ".   “  Come  on ,  let's  look  for  another  place ".  “  How  long  have  I been  trying  to  hold  it  in ? "  Jay  asked .  "  About  2 hours .  "  "  It feels  like  forever  ". “  I know  it does ,  it's  not  right  for  everyone  to  say no to  you .  ”  “  Maybe  if you  eat something  you'll  forget  for now  " Brad said passing  his backpack  up to  Jay . “  I  hope  that  the  next  place  let's you  go".  Jay  pulled  the  seat belt away  from  his  bladder .  “  I'm really  sorry  Jay , a lot  of  places  want  people  to  buy  something  first  before  they go  to  the  bathroom  ". “  I  know  and  I  look  rediculous ,  I bet... I'm 17 and on the  verge  of  wetting  myself ! "      "17 year  olds  don't  piss  their  pants  ".  “  Look  Jay , there's  a  bunch  of  trees ". 

“  Look ! There's a  store  there " Gemma  pointed  out . And  as usual  when I  went  to  ask  if Jay can  use  the  bathroom , I got  told  no. “  what  about  the  trees?"   "  FUCK !  Why are there  so  many  people  around?  ". I sped  as fast as  I  could .  I  was  sighlently  praying  that  there weren't any  cops around .  I   sped about  10 minutes  away  from  the  store .  Jay pulled  the  seat belt  away from  him. He was even  more  swelled  then before .  Jay looked like  he  had  a  ball under  the  waist  band  of  his  jean shorts  now. "IM GONNA  BURST !!!! OH  FUCK ! !!!!!” . “  PULL THE  FUCK  OVER ,  NOVA".
Jay fumbled  with  the  seat belt .  “  FUUUUUUUUUUUCK  "  . His  eyes  were  watery . I  unbuckled  his  seat belt .  I  reached  over  to  undo Jays jean  shorts . As soon  as  the  zipper  was  down  he rushed to  get  out of  the  van .Everyone  except  Casey  complained that  we stopped  for  Jay to  use  the  bathroom , but I'd do it  in a  heartbeat  for  them if  they  needed  me  to. "  Anyone  else  need to  go ?  " .  “  Nope". “  No  ". "  I'm okay  ."Yea  ". “  No". Nope  "." Yep".  Everyone  who  left  soon  returned  to  the  van .  Everyone  except  for  Jay .  I  could  hear  him  from  here .  "  FUCK !  Haa  aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  hhaaaa  ughhhhgggghhhhhh  "  Jay  moaaned .  “  All  set ?  "  Jay  looked  like  he  was  embarrassed .  “  You  okay  man ? "  "  Yea  I'm okay  but  I  started  in  my  underwear  "  Jay  whispered . "  Well  I  see  you  managed  to  make  it  the  rest  of  the  way  " .   “  Did  you  want  to  trade  places  again ?  ” .  “  No ,  what  if  I  end  up  in  the  same  situation  again ?  ” .   “  If you  don't  mind  it  ".  “  No ,  I  don't  mind , I hope  that  you  don't  end  up  in  the  same  situation  again  ". 

 I drove  about  another  2  hours .  We  got  out  at  a  beach .  The  cool  sea  water  felt  great  on  my  hot  skin .  I  watched  the  boys  frolic  in the  waves .  I  zoned  out  and  watched Brad and  Jay  . I  never  thought  of  them  as hot  but  for  some  reason  Jay was incredibly  hot to  me. I  was  standing  in  waist deep .  I'd waded  out before  zoning  out .  I'm watching  Jay splash Brad and Tristan  in the  face .  The next  thing  I  knew  I was under  water .  I'd been  swept  away . I managed  to  surface ,  I  was quite  a  bit  away  from  the  others .  " NOVI  LAY ON YOUR  BACK  AND DON'T  MOVE  !" Jay yelled. I  layed  on  my  back  in an x . The waves must have  carried  me out just  a little  bit  further  than the  center  of  the  beach .    Jay and  Brad were coming  to  get  me . I  floated around  in my  x  formation .   Jay  reached  for  my  wrist .  I  guess  I'd went  into  a  state  of  shock Brad and Jay held onto  me bringing  me  back  to  the  sand . Meantally  I  was  there  at the  same  time  I wasn't  but physically  I couldn't  move  even  though  I  wanted  to .  . “  Why isn't  Nova moving  ?"  Phoenix  asked .  “  Should  one of  you  give  Nova mouth  to  mouth resuscitation ? " Gemma  asked .  “  Maybe  yea, which  one of  us ?  She's libel  to  knock  the  one who  does  into  next  week  ".  “  Well  do you  want  a black  eye , Jay ?  "   Brad  asked .  “  No ,  do  you  Brad ?" Jay  asked . 

“  No ,  I  don't  want  to  have  a  black  eye ,  it might not  be  so  hot with the  ladies  ". Ya know   , I voluntell  you  because  you're  a  lot  taugher  than I am  Jay ". Sabrina  flipped  her hair Oh, Casey  isn't  your  brother  the greatest  and Brad  ?"        "Fine I'll do  it  " Jay  said .  I  started  coughing ,  I sat up .  "  NO  DON'T !  I'm fine  Jay "  "  I  guess  that  Nova  don't  want  your  lips  on her. I  punched Brad . “  YEEOUTCHYYYY". 


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