The Magical Mirror(part-2) Read Count : 16

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

They searched Janaki Ram and found him nowhere. His wife and daughter went to that house in happiness and came to know that Janaki Ram was missing. They sat crying, and found a huge mirror infront, they went to see it, the daughter found herself looking old and the mother was seen like a small kid. They both were surprised, they touched the mirror and they too vanished. Days passed and there was a newspaper boy named Janaki Ram, he was new to his job and when he was passing by that house, he found his name written on the nameplate, he asked his friend and came to know about the whole story. The next day he went to the bank, after some official process, he claimed that house and as he already knows that many other people who bought that house vanished because of that mirror, so he broke that mirror with a huge stick and many Janaki Rams came out but only the bank manager Janaki Ram had a wife and child. They all started arguing and that lead to fights. They all fought and died. Only the bank manager Janaki Ram's wife and daughter were alive and they lived happily in that house.

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