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Right now I'm home alone. I want to talk to my one of my friends but I don't want to bother him. He seems like he is always busy doing something. It's kind of hard because I like him but he has a girlfriend already. It's just I don't understand because he sed he likes me, and I like him as well. I don't know what to do or thank. It's like I what to be talking to him every second of the day. I mean like I will be seeing him tomorrow at school so I can talk to him then. I just really don't know anymore. I'm so weird and sometimes stupid enuff to thank he still likes me when he doesn't. I mean what if he does actually like me? 😔 boy's are so confusing. I feel like he likes me, but does he really? Only if he know how I felt about absolutely everything. He sed I'm funny, cute, and kind. But he doesn't know how I am 😔 only if atlest one boy did, I thank I wold be ok with relationships. I wish I was talking to him right now. 😐 


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