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Fresh Flowers At The Alter

It was close to dusk I was laying in the bushes close to the intersection all alone I still could see when I noticed that I was lying next to some old bones
It startled me at first but I had seen plenty of death over the last year I’ve been in the trenches now almost 12 months dead bones are not what I feared
I got separated from my unit earlier this morning but this was the RP we were supposed to meet at only a fool would walk up to an intersection without first seeing what was going on so I just sat
Behind me I heard some noise I turned and saw three my comrades walking up the middle of the road Being stupid they never learn 
I was about to yell when a heavy machine gun opens up sending bullets above my head and all three of them got toasted not even a chance they all were dead
I couldn’t get any closer to the ground and it became quiet again not a sound
I was scared I was spitting distance to the heavy machine gun nest and I was all alone except some old bones my heart was about to erupt in my chest
I was just going to check and make sure they're all three were dead if I kept low 
in bushes, I should be fine just don't raise my head
I low crawled 50 feet when I heard the enemy walking down the road, I stopped didn’t move a muscle time just slowed
One walk by me not more than two feet from my head I just laid as still as I could so I would look as if I was dead
I can hear them laughing then I heard the bullet ring it sound like boo boo boo boo boo boo bang my head began to pound
My first thought was to get up and shoot them down drop them without even the sound
I still had no idea what kind of force I was facing so until I knew how many there were my steps, I began retracing
I was back by the old bones the moon was full so I sat and watched in the dark unseen then out of know nowhere they started a fire to make coffee by the smell of it I think it was French beans
I didn't have a watch but I said it was at least midnight went from the North road I saw a girl riding a bike I bolted up right 
I was too late they stopped her before I could I make a sound they hit her three times knocking off her bike onto the ground
I had no intentions of being a hero so I sighed and watched like I was a piece of stone what was a young girl like that doing riding all alone 
I took off most of my gear and moved as close to the intersection without being seen I was lucky I was thin as a string bean
I worked my way to the very edge of the road and all three of them were fighting to see who would be first could I cross the road without being seen my blood was pumping I had the thirst
My first shot missed I fired too fast my next two didn’t and I had one left to go but I was hit blood was on the ground I was too slow
Then I got hit again it turned me around but I was able to get my own shot off and mine didn’t miss the last man was down
I got hit in the arm and one in the leg just made me shout at least the one in the arm was nothing to worry about
I was bleeding badly from the one in the leg if it didn’t get to a med vac soon, I would be walking on a peg
I wrapped up the leg the best I could I was in a lot of pain then I just passed out as it began to rain
I woke up in a jeep I was being sent to the rear the pain was gruesome brought my eyes to tears
They told me I was a lucky boy and I won't need a peg because I kept the blood circulating, they were able to save the leg
Months later when I was good as new went back to the intersection to see if I could find a clue
Something to tell me who she was to my surprise an alter was up and it had fresh flower that was arranged in a cup
There was also a note it was nailed on a tree to the soldier who saved my life if you are still alive and have not died come see me
Take road north I will be waiting my name is Ann I live in the house closest to the beach the one covered in sand
I walk to the house and showed her my scar she handed me a necklace that I had to star I then gave her a big hug I had to get back into the lines but I came back to marry her after the war
That was 50 years ago I was saved at the intersection on dark night by a young lady who was beaten but had the courage to fight
Today and still put fresh flowers on the altar for your dear husband named Walter


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