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SnapChat is the app is the app of my flash backs. I get in return that I can’t can’t seem to burn. Wash away the misery an pain I’ve been given, like I did something wrong in vin. I didn’t do nothing wrong but behaved as the writer I am an not be disrespected by others that isn’t al title or in the league of what I am. I blocked them an reported them. An report tell it to my mom. She want happy about either an told me to delete my account an all. That this app isn’t what she was looking for, an thought it will help me. Though it didn’t just making me feel crazy. That I could do something or more of not letting this happen, but my heart tells me to just leave it alone it’s better to get rid of what’s nit making you happy an stressful, you’ll better when that app is deleted so all of it can rest. Though it was right an I was dining my best, after months an days gone, I choose to download it again, remembered I couldn’t delete it unless I had a computer an when I witnessed is what I couldn’t I see, checking my new follower friend’s out. It was a snap, a snap in a bubble bath tub an a full grown body inside being a nude, of a white Caucasian woman I assume, of what she was doing sending me this snap staring at the camera at me doing stuff to herself in pleasure moaning, I just watched the whole thing an wasn’t moving. I was shocked ab kept repeating what an why, an soon when it was over, I stared at the wall can’t believe what I just watched. My moto an how I come across is a writer an nothing else. None of that, I didn’t like very well. Not at all, nor will I ever, I’m not like others, an different. An none of that is what I’ll be witnessing or it happening around me in life. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings an tell it how it is of how I was against this an didn’t like it. So I just gave a heart an was going to exist out of it, I got a quick notification, an I just couldn’t wait to see what I will top the see open. I open another snap an went in. It was her again, an it was way more than different. She stripped down in front of it slowly, step by step, an done to the last. When the video was done, I gave more heart’s an deleted the app at last. I don’t know what I just stepped into, but I sure weren’t going to download it again. Never turn back what makes you feel down or stress. Though it might be a whole lot worse an something you didn’t expect 


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