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Next Saturday, when Robert reached Mike house than  Mike took him in his father's office which was situated in the backyard of the house. As Mike's dad was busy in some meetings so this made children awaited for him for next 3 hours. 

After 3 hours, when Mike's dad arrived, he asked children,"So you wanted to make money and become rich?"

"Yup" children replied.

Mike's dad said,"Okay, I will teach you but you have to pay for it."

Children with chaotic reaction asked,"What pay?"

Mike's dad replied,"You work for me every weekend 3 hours and I will teach you how to make money and I'll pay you 10 cents an hour too."

Robert said," Here, we have not came to work for you, here we have came to learn how to make money."

Mike's dad replied,"look children I am not going to teach in the way how you did in school, just sitting and listening. I will teach you in the way how life teaches us. So, is that deal fine?"

Children nodded their heads up and down which indicates that they are satisfied with the deal.

4 weeks passed children worked in Mike's father office, they only did small-small works like cleaning the  table, window, book shelves,etc. For each hour they were paid 10 


After 4 weeks, Robert said to Mike,"I will be not coming to your father's place from this Saturday onwards because your father is only getting his work done and even not teaching us. And for these 10 cents coins I am wasting my Saturday at your's father place instead of playing Football."

Mike laughed at Robert's saying and when Robert asked the reason for the same than Mike replied,"My father said to me when Robert will say that now he is not willing to work anymore than ask him to meet me."

"What?" With an stunning expression Robert asked.

Mike told his father about all scenario happened last day.

Next day, when Robert and Mike visited to his father than Mike's father said,"I am bit busy, let's have a meeting at coffee world this Saturday."

On Saturday, When Robert met Mike's dad, he dominated upon his father by saying that he cheated them, only let his work done and not kept his words too. 

Mike's dad aked,"How could you say that I cheated you and not kept my words?"

"From that Saturday onwards you not taught us a single word even you did not met us." Robert replied.

Mike's dad said,"See guys what I told you that I will teach you in a way how life teaches us."

"Okay fine if that's the matter than tell us what we could learn by working at your place."

Mike's dad replied,"Just multiple your these four weeks by fifty years and you will have an idea of what most people spend their life doing."

"I didn't understand", Robert replied.

Mike's dad said," See in these four weeks you started blaming me that I have cheated you and done wrong with you,similarly when it comes to money people also blame their company that they are paid less than their capabilities. This kind of thought comes to people mind when their desire rises. Let's think that they got a pay raise again their desires rises and again and again same scenario goes on. So, now you people only tell me is that a way they will become rich. No, because they are people who do not have rein on their desires. So here you have seen the first trap that is' desire or greed.' "

 "But if they have more money than they will be called rich. And from that money they can solve their problems too." Mike replied 

Mike's dad said," more money doesn't mean that they are rich, richness can be only compared by the one's investment i.e. how one invests his money."

"So tell us who are called rich and  what is good method of investing." Robert asked.

"See I will tell you this but on some other day because if I tell you this today without telling the traps which will come ahead this than how would it work, it's like that I will tell you destination and not tells you the way from which you have to pass through." Mike's dad replied.

"Second important trap is 'Fear.' You have seen many people saying that I wanted to become that  but was not able to. The reason for their failure is fear, when they sees their friends and other people earning money than they started working as many people wanted to play safe when it comes to money. The person thinks he will earn and side by side he will work to achieve his goals too. But once that person get indulged in that job than he is attacked by greed. And now he thinks to fulfill his dreams by that job only, according to him he is well settled. See children use these both emotions in your favour not against you which most people did. If you become rich also than also these emotions are harmful because the fear of loss of money and the greeds which never stops will never leaves you. So whether you are rich or poor you should have control over these two emotions 'Fear and Greed.' A person should remain satisfied by his income and if he wanted to grow than he has to manage his expenses wisely, about which I will tell you some other day. Now, time has passed so much."

"So children now I have a question from you children and question is what you have learnt in this forty five minutes." Mike's dad asked.

Robert replied,"To control emotion of fear and greed as this is important to move ahead when it comes to money.

"That's sound good." Mike's father replied.

"So what will be our next lesson." Mike asked.

"Rich mindset." Mike's father replied.

"So now you children will work for me in free or I give you raise to 2$.Mike's father asked.

"We are ready to work in free for you." Children replied.

"That only I wanted to teach you children, you are doing good. Keep working on it." Mike's father replied.

Suddenly a phone call comes and Mike's father has to go on the site. And the children also returns to their house.


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