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I paid for those few moments of happiness 
With years of sadness.
So, now I am afraid to be happy again, 
Even for a second.  

I still pay for the mistakes of the past, 
Because I was stubborn when I didn't want
 To let things go, and I deceived myself. 

 I paid even though
 I thought the feelings were free, 
But I paid too much for them... 
I still pay, blocking the freedom
 To believe in someone else again.

  When you are deeply disappointed
 Too many times, not only by a person,
You can't even believe in yourself,
Always paying for the same mistake 
That you keep making.


  • Oct 03, 2020

  • Sad, :(

    Oct 03, 2020

  • Randy Cameron

    Randy Cameron

    Do something different...give it your all. some gave all...outdo the ages...stop whining...stop sulking...start doing for free...go to DOING.COM TO GET A LIFE...What don't you do Sue? JB

    Oct 04, 2020

  • thats so rude be nice and your logo is a picture with you in under ware and brah must be sassy and rude i love your story its awsome and amazing go roxana

    Oct 04, 2020

  • Oct 04, 2020

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