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I Have A Lot To Be Thankful For

I look back over the last year there was not absolutely not hardly anything to be thankful for I almost died lost all my friends lost my mind lost my home got kicked out the door
I know life is not about having fun or having money but my heart's been broken this year more than once I’m alone I have no honey
Electricity is turned off I living in an abandoned house full of rats bugs and one ugly mouse
No running water so no showers and all the toilets stink they are all full of crap what do I have to be thankful for just to stay alive I have to look for scraps
I can't go sit down and watch some football games today I stink too bad and they just kick me out anyway
It been years since I've had turkey gravy mashed potatoes sweet potatoes green bean casserole pie so I sit here feeling sorry for myself and I just want to cry
My head begins to spin I feel real dizzy and I fall to the floor I wake up an angel smiles upon me days hello I’m your mentor
She walks me down this long hallway and we go through a door she points to a chair for me to sit then says do you really believe she said that you have nothing to be thankful for
Let's see what about all of these and she shows me pictures of my two kids they're twins a girl and a boy she snaps her fingers takes me to a hospital for kids that were terminal ill they have nothing not even one toy
The looks on their faces were so sad what is this where are we then I got mad
Aren't you thankful that your kids are healthy and wise look again at these kids who will not see another birthday can you stand all snug that you can’t  even surmise
The pain and anguish they have to go through on this day no I never thought of it that way
She snaps her fingers again and all of a sudden, we’re in a city that have been destroyed fires was still raging today she looked at me and said this is in a city not too far away
Then out of nowhere I heard a very loud explosion and part of a building collapsed a mother screamed for her daughter who just died in all that commotion
Maybe I was overdramatic but feeling sorry for myself just came out automatic
The angel looked at me with very sad eyes you still alive can you smile can you eat does your mind work can you count to five
Like I said I never thought of like that before all I ever did was think of me I made sure I had what I needed I didn’t care about anyone else anymore
She did that thing with her fingers and then just like that we we’re in a building with a lot of rooms and doctors and nurses and people that lost their mind I saw a nurse hitting a client because he was peeing on the floor, she wasn't very kind
I saw one guy that was counting sheep on the wall but he could not get past three then a young lady came up to me and asked me if I wanted to ride on her reindeer for free
She said she was waiting for Santa to come take her away and saw a boy about ten sitting in a corner saying he was sorry for being bad he will be good today
The angel looked at me so do you really think you have nothing to be thankful for when the lights went out and I was back in my empty house saw the shattered windows and missing doors
I began to jump up and down and I yelled I understand thank you, Lord, for now I am your biggest fan
Thank you for showing me I have a lot to be thankful for I will not ever feel sorry for myself that’s never more
I left found a phone called my kids they wanted me to come for Thanksgiving dinner I said yes, I washed at a QT and I got picked up when I arrived, I get hugged and kissed I felt like a winner
I walked in said hello to everyone I met then I sat down and ate the best meal I ever had after I played games with my kids who still call me dad
They brought back to my broken-down house I walk-in through the missing door yes, I do have a lot to be thankful for


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