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Nothing has changed 
With us in the meantime.
  Butt it's okay, I almost got over it.  
Don't ask me how I did it...

 But I realized that it's not worth waiting for years 
For a person who doesn't need me.
  That it's not worth waiting too long
 For an answer that never comes.

I realized that you don't want 
Anything serious with me.
 You're looking for fun
 With someone else now.  
Heheh, Have fun my dear!

Nothing will change and I got used to it, 
You will never have feelings for me.
  I believe that I deserve to live in peace,
 Nothing will change between me and you now.


  • Oct 03, 2020

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    Oct 03, 2020

  • Oct 03, 2020

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