The Magical Mirror(part- 1) Read Count : 17

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
Once there lived a bank employee named Janaki Ram, he was new to that city, he was searching for a new house there. He went to the bank for work and his boss called and said "there are some old files in the next room which contain information about loans which are not cleared from years, please check and update them." Janaki Ram started doing the same and found a file with his name, he was surprised and wanted to know about it. He went to the bank manager's cabin and told him "sir, I'm searching for a new house in this city and living away from my family just for the sake of my work. Now, I'm living in my friend's house but now I have got a file of a house, loans are not cleared and the owner is missing, his name is also Janaki Ram. So, can I take that house by clearing the loan sir.? He asked and the manager said "that house belongs to the bank now as the loans are not cleared from many years, so you could do that by paying the loans and we need not change the name too." Janaki Ram, in happiness, payed the loan and bought that house. He called his wife on the phone and said that they now have an own house, his wife and his daughter were very happy and said that they would come the next day. Janaki Ram went to that house and saw a board outside saying, Janaki Ram. And the address of the house was No.1, Janaki Ram street, Gandhi Nagar. Janaki Ram went there with some workers who has to clean the house, Janaki Ram instructed them to clean the garden, first as it was covered with leaves and so many twigs, the garden was very big. After they all have cleaned the garden, one of them shouted "sir, there is a storage room in the backyard, should we clear the things in there, I think they belong to the old owners." But there was no reply. All the workers went inside and found Janaki Ram nowhere.



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