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At the end of the day don’t worry what people say
Nothing is written in stone until you become crusted bones
You can change anything even become a king
You can change the way you walk or the way you talk
You don’t like the where you eat so you can move to a different seat
It’s your life so do it your way live breathe smile laugh today
Live each day like it is your last live every minute every hour do not worry about the past
You can change anything even be a king
If you just want to impress then change the way you dress
Make your life your choice Each day
You should rejoice
To be able to still enjoy life even if you have to take a pill
You’re never too old or too young to change your ways and be among
The ones you love and admire and the ones that love you and desire
You can change anything even be a king
You just have to learn to sing that song the one that makes you feel you belong
Then with fortitude you give it a try and not sit on the ground and cry
If you don’t like the way you are it’s never too late to change your star
You can change anything you can even be a king


  • nice

    Oct 03, 2020

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