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I like to read love stories,
 I like to pay attention to the lyrics of love songs.
 But I never found out what it's like to be loved 
By the right person in the same time...
Maybe that person will never want to be found.

  I like to read love poems, 
I like to watch romantic movies too.
Sometimes I imagine things
 That I would like to happen, 
But I never find the right person.  

Eh! Yes, they will tell me that the right person
 Does not even exist.
 That I will have to build it
 From my happy tears.

 That I have to stay with the person 
Who will stay with me, 
But to be honest this is not the answer
 I want to hear it from them.

Oh! It's so easy
 To destroy the hope of a sick soul.
 If you were in my place, 
Would you think the way you think now?


  • Oct 03, 2020

  • Oct 03, 2020

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