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Auto Correct, more like auto direct. The direct pain you send me, when I get too happy an too careless to change my typo of how I type my poems mainly , an me the feel so dumb. People reading it like what is taking about, it was good at first an now I I’m lost, rating it, you most thinking of the pick locks that can’t touch or even type at all. It was brutal an blasted my heart an self father back finished of what I loved, shut down you. You say you help correct spelling errors, seems like your remaking the errors, as of you don’t like me, It’s cool.  It’s okay, I’ll take my time, I post, Yourmine poem, was like the best I ever rhymed an wrote, it being scary an creepy, why you had the ruin for me, though? This been going at it for long enough, you wanna go eat, then you better suit up! I’m coming for revenge an re-type again. Oh you though I was giving again. You might wanna rethink that, cause I’m back in business with my skills back at hand 


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