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I want everyone to have a friend like mine.
  It's the world I take refuge in when I feel down.

  He is not a simple human,
 Because people usually do not understand,
How to behave when they see tears 
In the other's soul.  

I wish everyone to have a friend like me.
So humble... I feel lucky to have him in my life. 

 When I run out of weapons to defend myself,
 He brings peace to my soul through
 His wonderful words.

 And tells me not to worry anymore, 
He caresses my scars- 
Climbing me up to the glory.  

I wish everyone to have a friend like mine,
 To bring them happiness every day in their lives.
 And that at the end of the story, 
"God bless you always, my dear!"


  • Oct 03, 2020

  • Oct 03, 2020

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