Teke Teke (inspired) Read Count : 18

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
Once there was a girl named lily who was bullied by 2 girls named Kylee and Cristine. Once they took it too far and tied her to a train rail then a train was coming, Lily tried to get out but she couldn't then the train ran her over cut in half she cried then slowly died. A year later there where rumors about a girl named Teke Teke and they said that 2 girls tied her to a train track and she died. They also said that if you go in the bathroom and stair at the meror and say Teke Teke come and get me three times she will appear in the bathroom stall drag herself to the person and say did you kill me then answer with yes or no and she will kill you chop you in half just like her but not on the train track. The two girls who killed her didn't believe it so they tried it out. They said Teke Teke come and get me Teke Teke come and get me Teke Teke come and get me then they heard something in the stall they tried but the bathroom was locked then there was a voice that said I wouldn't do that if I were you then there was a giggle. They saw something come from under one of the stalls. They got goosebumps all over there body then started sweating allot she asked them did you kill me? They answered with a no then she screamed LIES I KNOW YOU KILLED ME HUFF PUFF YOU CANT LIE TO ME LIERS DIE IM DONE shink she cut them in half and left the world alone forever
                                                          The End                                 


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