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Alert screaming not to panic while
The president placing his mask on his eyes as if he’s panicking 
What is he hiding?
News runs 24 hours throughout the day
Corona successfully tackled millions while billions of Rands are dropping 
Reminders that death is approaching fast without recess

Leaders back at the seats of power 
Playing with the minds of humanity 
The theory is bore , forget the handshake 
Do the chicken wing , Elbow to elbow 
Look like scream the killer, wear a mask 
Maintain  proper hygiene, buy sanitizer 
Maintain one meter gap, As if I’m mad

Poor are dying 
Rich are surviving 
Just like a small boat in the see 
Moving slowly through the levels of lockdown 

is the disease really contagious?
Or are they placing parasites in the human body during testing that causes death
While I’m watching sea fever?
Because here I am still alive without testing once while continuously doing the handshake 
And there’s the world dying after testing once without doing the handshake 
I still have much to say but the government are selling humanity 
I am not breaking the rules but I’m just speaking my mind


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