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In the middle of the night 
I’m exhausted I turn over 
fall asleep I could hear 
someone say, my name 
in a worry tone I turn around 
I try to get up, but you talk to me 
“ you look tired are you okay? Here 
I lift you up in your bed”. 
You take care of me it’s make me feel like 
you love me, without saying it by your action 
you talk to me I admit it I love you more than just a friend, would you”, I say do you mean it this time? A while back you ask me before and you break the promise, middle of August, you break up with me I have trust issues with you ever since then show me if you really love me”. 
You say to me you’re right this time I will make sure I'm never going to repeat, the same thing ever again I really mean it this time please let me ask my question”, I say okay 
you say to me will you be my girlfriend? I mean it this mean, the truth is I can’t do anything without you, you’re my everything ever since we first met”. 
I say yes I will be your girlfriend again you say to me oh!  Feeling happy when you say to me”, 
I spread my arm open you come to me put yourself in my arm, we cuddle with each other 
you cry in my shoulder I dry your tears give you, my unconditional love for you, I massage 
your shoulder and wounded heart, heal you completely. 
Have your feeling and the spark come into you 
begin, to fall in love with me 
month grew into near future 
we travel the world together
you kneel, on your knee ask me 
will you married me”. 
I say yes I will marry you 
months grow by, the wedding bell 
ring I’m in a wedding grown see you 
look gorgeous and handsome 
after we say our vows, you kiss me 
on my lip take my hand we sit in the car 
just like, we’re like Cinderella and Prince Charming ever since then. We’re just like 
Elise and Riley, we become husband and 
wife go to our first honeymoon, with each other wish this happens in reality in a real world. 



  • Oct 01, 2020

  • Oct 01, 2020

  • I love the poem.

    Oct 01, 2020

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