A Mouse Ran Up The Clock Read Count : 15

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Before there was light before there was night There was no time no clocks that chimed

Absolutely nothing that went tick tock no windows or doors or locks

There was just nothing out of nothing emerged something

That something then became Everything then everywhere there was everything

Now Everywhere was very curious then he became very furious

Because everywhere there was Everything Everywhere being upset then attacked Everything

Everything exploded then went every which way Everywhere was happy today

Everything was scattered into a million pieces that went to everyplace that had enough space

Everything was beaten by Everywhere Its pieces were sent a million miles over there

So, they can have fun without Everywhere pointing a gun

When Everything exploded Sparks and fire were created which grew up to be Night and Day who mated

They then made sunshine and rain who always cried and complained

Everywhere liked Night and Day so he asked them to stay

Everywhere then made Father time out of a needle and thread and Everything's head

Then time began to go tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock then universe then was created millions and millions of years ago with a shock that went through the universe as a mouse ran up the clock


  • Oct 01, 2020

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