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O' what an independence day!
My dearest Nigeria is  sixty today
Hoping she will show her blessings in array
Those she trusted washed her pride away
As her early reign was put in dismay.

With all her beauty, still seeking for love
Her children believe not one day she'll rise above
Her coat designed with eagle pure like dove
She's in pain while taking care of her children thereof
Yet! Her efforts count not, by her children she's shove.

They looked up and want the best from her
Obviously, they always err
Singing with gong, life is not fair
Hating on the sons of their mother's womb without a care
Inviting enemies to beware
They failed to embrace each other and work in pair.

They forgot so soon she gave them identity
Wailing for division so she will be nonentity
Arrogance won't let them see their absurdity
Exposing the vulnerable ones to anxiety
While sitting on the throne of authority.

The fool ones squeeze her juice into the sea
While the wise are blind to see
Shouting transformation where they failed to agree
Those in favor abuses their decree
Put her in coarse, then flee.

Hoping in what you don't believe in
Is nothing than a stillbirth
I will forever bleed green, white, green
I'm leaving the children of giant of Africa with this
How do you intend to make her great?


  • Oct 01, 2020

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