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We were in a relationship for eleven months 

you the first person had a massive crush on me 

ever since then, we become friend with each other I had wonderful day spent my time with you, I came out from my morning class I saw you in front of me pulled me aside. We talked 

for few minutes before we part way you asked me may I had your contact”, I say of course you can, we exchange phone number with one another. 

Since then, we had been texted with each other 

for the longest time we went hung out, at college ground and went to places that not the campus had fun being together, the day before Halloween. 

Are you afraid that I will reject you? 

Do you think I was like other girls? 

I’m a person always go easy on you 

there few times I made you felt infuriated, at times I’m not always perfect I can try my best 

month grew by, we were still in relationship with one another. 

Until you asked me a question and I answer it 

I had shot a bullet into you felt wounded, by it bottled up your pain and emotion begun, to felt electric shock by what I had said to you. 

Months grew by the middle, of August overthought everything through made a decision you told me about, it has given me an electric shock. 

You told me not to worry or be afraid 

how could I not be? 

Immediately told me want to be just friends 

nothing more, but your action and behavior 

say something more, you’re messing with my heart. 

I don’t believe everything you say to me

you are me headache I’m sick, of you telling me don’t want something more, but give me mix body language if you actually 

love me and want me back you should commit it to me. 

Why you have to do this to me? 

I know your heart is in conflict 

tell me you don’t want to be something more 

your behavior and action telling me 

you still love me more just a friend 

I don’t believe everything you say to me 

whatever, you tell me is not true and your 

action and behavior, still tell me something 


I want you to just stop lying to me 

and stay true, by your action and behavior 

I have caught you, by everything you did to me admit to yourself don’t hide your common sense. 

Come out and admit it we can be 

this time won’t be the same 

as the last time, I’m not force you 

just your action and your behavior,

is telling me to follow my heart. 

Whatever you tell me I don’t believe everything you say, to me stop giving me 

pointless headache I know your feeling change, but within you there something more than just that. 

Your action and behavior give me a clue 

including everything you do and I figure you out, just commit it to me 

I'm never going believe everything you say to me. 


  • Oct 01, 2020

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