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What are the possibilities of running into the same girl every day for the last 3 months and you have not even said hi she smiles at you she says hello to you everyday when you leave she even says bye
Now she’s running into you Is there something wrong with her is she to big  to small do you like them skinny or round like a ball
What you are telling me is that you just don’t know what to say not even once did you introduce yourself or asked her how she was doing today
Young man that in itself is a shame what is probably the saddest thing I’ve ever heard of is that you have no game
Even if you were 99 and you couldn't walk a man well still try everything he could to get a girl to talk
  She's going out of her way just to run into you she's trying to stick to you like glue
Women my young man are a mystery even to me today when you think you figured them out they laugh and chuckle because they went the other way
I don’t know how men made it past the stone age listen closely I’m not going to repeat this but once at one time it was written down on a single page
This page was written into the Bible but a very sneaky lady tore it out since then men have sit on the sidelines and they done nothing but sit there and pout
Us men have been playing behind the eight-ball and have never had a chance
I’ve had enough I’m going to help man by giving you this lance
It will give you courage this lance by always striking true it will never glance
As long as the big guy doesn’t find out you understand you know he is not my biggest fan
In fact he doesn't really like me at all I don't know why but if he could he would just toss me over the wall
He always has to show who's best I have never done anything to him well a few things but they were all in jest
He is touchy can't have him find out Oh no he can’t find out boy would he just shout
Just on time guess who just popped in out of nowhere  without an invitation Mother nature appeared as thin air with no time to spare 
Scratch the Big guy wants to see you right now you better get going he is already mad he's already started pulling out his eyebrows
Now see here young man dont listen to anything what scratch told you not one dime he didn’t tell you anything oh he told you about women good I was  just in time
That man knows nothing about how treat a lady or even find one to call mine what did you say he was going to give you a lance he must have been out of his mind
He must of have had a heat stroke of some kind that would have set us back a thousand years down the line
Mother Nature just shook her head then her head she scratched that poor man he must have had a nervous breakdown and now his mind is a bit detached
It was bad enough when men thought they knew how to handle a lady If man ever figured it out for real and thank the big guy for that scratch was being shady
If he thought that he could give the lance to man and really think I was going to say thank you and shake his hand
That one act would have set Evolution back 1000 years our worst nightmares and our worst fears
Men would be in charge and the world will come to an end men love to fight until they can’t defend
Now boy let me send you back you won’t remember none of this but check your pack
Inside I put a note I’m going to send follow the note when you meet the girl tomorrow and then tell her your name is Ben
 I'm happy I decided to have someone follow Scratchbecause of my timing I was able to stop him from lighting that match 
No telling what would have happen if I didn't follow my gut Scratch would have won that would bad because he's freaking nuts
Nothing like having nine lives like a cat what are the possibilities of that


  • Oct 01, 2020

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