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There he was no place to live he felt useless like he was losing his mind he had no more money and no job he looked everywhere but there was none to find 
He had a parrot that he fed a cracker once a day his parrots name was Bob and he loved to play
He got him because the owner ran away with a clown from the circus to parts unknown to play
He left Bob at the hotel and the owner was going to have him for dinner this made him sad so the owner sold him Bob for $5 or to the highest bidder
He and Bob were down by the docks when he saw a sign that made him jump it said wanted entertainer of any kind
He ran down to the office and went inside he was hired on the spot and was happy that he came inside
He left the building and he screamed I get to eat tonight it felt like he was in a dream
He stumbled and fell down on some trash when getting up he found some cash
This must be his lucky day he had a place to sleep some money to eat now he could pay
He had to wash pots and pans while the ship was in dock OMG, I'm going to get dish pan hands while he watched the clock
Ship left 2 days later on a 14-day cruise to Alaska to see the salmon run that’s when the salmon all Head inland to spawn sounds like a lot of fun
The first day he just got his act together for tomorrow was his first show now the ship was filled to the brim with old folks that had nowhere else to go
The next day he had 2 show one at lunch one at night everyone enjoyed the show they said he was very bright
Except the parrot who was left out of both shows and that's a fact now the parrot was very upset all he did was sit on a perch and look like a pet during the act
He didn't get to perform today it has always been both of them now he's going to make them pay
For keeping him out of the show he really enjoyed making people laugh you know
 It is now just a one man act screw him he can go blow he broke the pact
The parrot had something ideas up his sleeve per say the very next show went on with no delay
While people got into their seat and the magician did a few small tricks at the door the parrot came flying in and the crowd was impressed just like before 
 He was in his favorite tux he wore it every day like taking a pill it made him look sharp and debonair he was dressed to kill 
Now as everyone was seated the magician did his first trick the parrot flew all around and thought what a prick
He landed on his perch and the magician then said where did it go the parrot had an evil laugh said Agh its up his sleeve I should know
The magician thought why did he say that he did another and another trick like before the parrot said look in the hat look in the hat
The crowd was laughing having fun but the magician just spat and check to make sure he had his gun
The final act the magician went deep into his bag of tricks and he sawed a woman in two impossible you say but the crowd was amazed as the parrot was flying around having his kicks
He said there is two there is two one in each box I know it's true
Now magician was mad he reached into his hat pulled out that pistol to shoot that fucking parrot like a rat
The magician was not a good shot at night he missed and hit some propane tanks that were on deck not very bright
The tanks exploded into flames and the ship began to sink the magician ran off the ship into the water thinking that parrot was a fink
Only 2 made it out floating on some debris the magician and the parrot floating alone in cold blue sea
The cold blue sea was full sharks I bet with waves getting them all soak and wet
The parrot turned and said to the magician I’m not your pet but Agh that was the best trick yet
Agh what did u do with the ship Agh what did u do with the ship


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