Scary Birthday ( Part 1 ) Next Part Coming Out On October 31th Read Count : 25

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On October 31th Halloween night, is a special day for my friend Lisa, Halloween is Lisa’s birthday and I am Frankie Her best friend from kindergarten we spent most of the days in the garden practising volleyball in 1991 we we’re 10 and saw a scary movie that haunted us for the rest of are life’s but do not tell are mom because she doesn’t know my mom was at a friend house. In 1996 which is today in our generation Lisa is turning 16 and I wanted to make her 16th birthday the best time of her life so...I was planning I special birthday party for her I invited all her friends to her birthday party to celebrate her 16th birthday on Halloween night The people I invited were Noah, Jacob Alice, Alex, Maggie, Elissa, Ruby and jack. On Halloween night when Lisa birthday was here I told her parents and my parents that we didn’t want them at the party Go to a fancy restaurant and hang out together and our parents agreed, when the parents left Lisa walked up in front of the door and came in, me and her other friends jumped up and said “happy birthday” she jump up in excitement. We played games, ate a lot and then we decided to play truth or dare and then on the third time when Noah was going to say truth or dare to Lissa, the lights went off.


  • Ooooh spooky😱

    Sep 30, 2020

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    F M

    Am curious to read next part on 31st October ;)

    Oct 03, 2020

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