Rise Up Dead Man Read Count : 19

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He was a man rich an famous. Though no one knew how he made it. When he made he way around the. Community, everyone loved him, even what he partner up with to get him in the fruity of everyone favorite Yotuber of supernatural content, watching it every day still waiting for a more content videos to be posted up. The day when he showed his true colors years an months that gone by, nobody inside or out could do anything for that bot to arise. He was sick mental person that cared about views an Subscribers nothing else. The actions he made of what he did ended in him stealth of a legend he unleashed, an that’s already on the edge ready for blood to splatter, an now getting his, even after he tries to do a apology video in Youtube for that matter. It was too late an nobody cares execpt fro underage lids that got his back an fame from back to back, that’s coming to an end he should of never awaken from his nap. Hello? AGHHHHH!


  • Sep 30, 2020

  • Sep 30, 2020

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