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I see the stars an the light before me. I didn’t know what my life meant to me. It was in my thoughts I’ll be in any ordinary boy on this earth living different life’s with different talents enhanced the explore throughout our life. The day we past away, though I thought wrong, it wasn’t far more then I didn’t know that been going on. It was a mission in life I wasn’t prepared for, but chosen. My adventure was far more devastating then I thought, why am I sort of something that should been taken of from the get go. There’s no turning back now, for the life of the generations to be back to normal, so be it. I’ll get the job done, no matter how dangerous it is an what ever it takes. No one is taking my life away or taking over the world an it’s generations as there own for more an more centuries too come, I will be coming, an you better be ready predator, when I’m done with you, I’ll want my life back ab my memory brainwashed of this incidents an what I’ve done an the people I lost an gone through, the take this monster demon dead, for the last of the least, that’ll be my first beast, slain an good, you will never see the dawn of the day, when I take you down, an look beyond your face an your eyes, before I pull the rigger, closing my eyes, this mission is suicidal, but who said life is easy? Everything in life of a decision choice is suicidal! Goodbye father, I’ll make you proud, though I might die from of this an probably break our love family cycle life apart.


  • Sep 30, 2020

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