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When I go to bed I sleep till morning light while asleep I dream of the things that go bump in the night
 These things that I see in my head they chase me and if they ever caught me I think I'd be dead
What will happen if I died in one of my dreams I think I just wake up and scream
Scary creatures that would scare a normal person to death they chase me every night sometimes it’s hard to catch my breath
I don’t know who put these things in my head it wasn’t funny now I see these creatures every night when I go to bed
  To go through the rest of my life every night with these creatures lurking about  makes me crazy I just want to scream and shout 
 Some people call me crazy and others think I’m eccentric but I'm just a normal man I experienced many things and as a kid I traveled to a place that don’t exist and returned a place called no Man's Land 
So I see things that other people cannot a gift or a curse only time will tell but lately it's just been getting worse
While I'm awake I can chuckle they can't hurt me until I fall asleep then my eyes closes and I cannot see
The only way to be safe is not close your eyes but there is a price to pay  if I decide to stay up for days to keep the monsters away
The price that I have to pay is that I will crash so hard for more than one day
To be trapped in my head for over a day is not smart I've done it three times and survived but not something that I would advise it might stop your heart
So every day I stay awake and every night I get ready to run but if I have to I will fight
 Toe to toe I will not back down I will not give an inch of ground
I just wish one day all these creatures will just go away
 Never to return to my dreams that are in my head while I lay sleeping at night in my bed
I been fighting so many years now that you might even say that I am old for tonight  no creatures were lurking about I was just cold
The creatures that go bump in the night are now gone from my head it's sad to say that I do miss them just a bit but at least I'm alive and not dead


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