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If you're all listening
While you're all reading
I'm sorry for every misunderstanding.

I tried for seven years.
For one person
And it never happened.

Lost what it took to believe in me
And I have a hard time believing
That will change.

You all expect me 
To be that kind of guy
Straight away.

You have to conform to me
That's what I was reading.
So I backed away slightly.

I told all of you exactly
What I needed
A pillar to keep me grounded.

I'm ghostly
Over thinkingly

Lost causery
Barely has a memory
From being a druggie and drunkery.

There's so much blacked out in me
Its been hard seeing a future me
Its hard reaching out, so I stay here quietly.



  • Sep 29, 2020

  • Sep 29, 2020

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