The Taste Of Salty Summer Days Read Count : 20

Category : Poems

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I feel, even now,
 The taste of salty summer days.
Even if autumn will end soon-
It's almost December over there...

 Like an unsweetened coffee,
 I leave the bitter taste on other lips, 
Because her lips are too far away 
To sweeten me again through her kiss.

 The bitter taste is of loneliness, 
I feel disgusted.
Two seasons have passed
 And I still have the same traces.

With the same traces left by spring, 
Leaving me without energy,
Like a coffee made without caffeine.

 Nothing scares me more 
Than feeling her in anything I touch.
I don't know where I'm going 
And how happy I can be without it.


  • Sep 29, 2020

  • Sep 29, 2020

  • Sep 29, 2020

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