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Thanks For Becoming My Wife

You were wrong
then you sang a song
I was right
a poem I began to write
You sing like a goat
You got thrown in the moat
I started to hit my bed
The words got stuck in my head
You're soaking wet
a cold you get I bet
I have a migraine
Now I have to deal with this pain
Your warm in bed 
hot potato soup you were fed
I was in the closet hiding
So people wouldn't see me crying 
A cold it's not what you went out to get
Your temp was 105 and the ambulance wasn't here yet
Pain was the worst I ever had
I was passed out because I went mad
Loaded up off to the Er you went.
To save your life ambulance got a few dents
I was still breathing and alive
To the ER I went so I could survive
They iced you down your temp was now 107
Doctors all thoughts you were going to heaven
I woke up on the way to the emergency room
I pleaded with the driver to go zoom
Your temp was coming  down and then you fell asleep
The hospital decided that you they were going to keep
Got the ER I was laid to rest on a nice comfy bed
The doctors look me over said there's nothing wrong with my head
You woke up you looked at me and smiled
You asked me if I was you going to be there for a while
The doctors gave me some medicine
I smiled at you and said my name was Edison
The temperature went down and you were fine to go home
Then you asked me if I had a comb
I was shy and I stuttered I said I do not
I thought dam you are so beautiful and hot
You surprised me and told me your name was Sue
You then gave me your number told me to call I said thank you
Remember deer that was 40 years ago
Since then it has been a two man show
Did you know I didn’t know if you were going to call me
But I'm glad you did I really loved that goatee
You filled me with joy in my entire life
I love you too thanks for becoming my wife


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