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Believe it or not

I'm going to tell you a tale that has been told so many times before that people they don't know what to believe anymore
It happened on a cold windy stormy night perfect time for you to get away and take flight
The Spoon and the Plate planned to run away on this stormy night but when the Spoon arrived at the gate the Plate was nowhere in sight
Her bags were there all packed but no Plate the Spoon was getting worried then he saw something come through the gate
It was Fork he had a big smile on his face high Spoon are you missing something or something out of place
She was just standing here all alone so I had Cow tie her up in knots now Spoon you going to do what I say or Plate will be tortured a lot
You’re evil Fork you know she doesn't want to be your mate but I will find a way to save Plate
Fork put the Spoon to work in the pigsty shoveling  pig shit all day he felt like he was going to die
Spoon heard a laugh while he was shoveling manure he looked up and, in the rafters, the little Dog he said boy you stink and took off to write his blog
Now hey Diddle Diddle was very upset because the Cat didn't know how to play the fiddle
This made the Cow go crazy because she didn’t hear any music before noon to calm her savage beast that was inside her so she took off running as fast as she could and then she jumped over the moon
 When she came down from orbit she landed in some hey with slowed her down she came to stop she opened her eyes right in front of her she found the plate all tied up laying on the ground
Oh my oh my this is where Fork put you here let me untie you know I had no choice I didn't know what else to do
After the Cow untied the Plate she gave her a nice cup of milk the girls started talking and chatting about fashion and silk
When they noticed the time Cow said you better go and meet the Spoon he will be still at the sty but he won't be done but you don't want to get there too soon
The Plate took off so she could meet up with Spoon at the pigsty Spoon was surprised but was elated that tears formed in his eyes
Now the Fork came in all mad because the plate was released the so he gave the cow 20 lashes because she was bad
You know Plate I saw you first that day what made spoon so special that the two of you were going to runaway
AFork you know that you are just to slow you could never out think me you'll never make it to the real show
Just then the heavenly nine and the mighty Sherriff Cork rode in and surrounded the evil Fork 
Heavenly nine jumped off their rides and landed on the hard ground of clay then they arrested the evil Fork and took him away 
Spoon yelled at fork as he was being taken away Fork I wanted you to that me and Plato going to play
 Kate and are going back to her place to chill by that big iron gate where we planned to have fun and fornicate
That's the story on how the spoon ran away with the plate and they lived happily ever after that be nice but wait
You see nothing in life is that good there is always one hiccup chapter 10  until the spoon met miss coffee up
Her ne was sue and she was covered in black spots and now you can either believe it or not


  • Sep 29, 2020

  • Sep 29, 2020

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